Atal UK & Schomburg Partnering at the Concrete Expo

Atal UK are experts in structural waterproofing and ground gas protection systems, specialising in below-ground structures, providing the highest quality of service from design to completion. Atal UK takes on design responsibility, supply materials, provide on-site training with support or installation by experienced in-house installers.  Atal UK are the sole distributers of Schomburg products in the UK.


Schomburg, the construction chemicals manufacturer from Detmold, Germany, develop, produce and market construction materials for the national and international market.  Schomburg and Atal are partnering to exhibit the BBA Certificate for the new Betocrete-C product series. 


Betocrete-C is a range of construction materials manufactured to provide Type A and B waterproofing as per BS8102:2009 using crystalline growth technology.  Crystalline waterproofing uses innovative, crystal-forming active components to produce a reaction between in-situ moisture and the free lime from the cement. As the growth of nano-crystals is a continual process, the products in the Betocrete-C series from Schomburg offer lifetime integral protection from penetrating moisture in the concrete.  After using Betocrete-C, the serviceability of the structure can be considerably extended.  “Self-healing” concrete is no longer an empty promise, but the reality with when using products from the Betocrete-C series. In the exhibition are sample products of the Betocrete-C series showcasing the “self-healing” properties of the products. If you’d like to find out more about the products and systems offered by Atal and Schomburg, then our experts are here to speak to you!

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